Celeb Luxury®


Celeb Luxury® is dedicated to creating innovative, superior products that inspire passion and empower hairdressers and colorists to raise the expectations of their own creativity.



Celeb Luxury. The true haircolorist company.
Hairdresser/colorist-owned companies are more passionate, innovative and are missing in the beauty business today. Leland says, “It’s not about just creating a product. It’s about creating, dreaming and inventing what should be that is not; giving hairdressers and colorists the tools to be more successful, to refine our craft while at the same time, increasing our revenue.”

Thought leader, industry innovator, haircolor development expert, creative authority on haircolor and member of the Society of Cosmetic ChemistsLeland has impacted changes in the haircolor industry throughout his career and created a generation of color specialists. He was artistic director and co-founder of the original Haircolor USA and co-founder of Artec Systems Group, a salon owner and entrepreneur and now he is co-founder of Celeb Luxury. “My vision has become my life and now my life has become my vision”, Leland says. And after a brief artistic sabbatical, traveling the world, collecting art, “I’m back and on a mission to infuse exceptional new energy into the professional haircolor category once again.”Leland’s passion to help others and give back to the community has lead his involvement with many charitable causes, including: co-founding Hair Cares (supporting hairdressers with AIDS), the American Cancer Society, Humane Society, American Heart Association, American Diabetes association, Miami Heat Charitable Fund, and many others.